Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New to bloggin'

So, here I am with my own what?

Oh yes....I have just completed the reorganization of my soap studio, and I am quite happy that my 2 crows have found me in the newly acquired window space. A whole new outlook on the gardens is at hand, and with Spring (hopefully) just around the corner, the inspiration is flowing. It does help, that my "outofhand" friend keeps me hard at work on the "Raven" incense that she relies on for her own inspiration. So stayed tuned, as I will be updating my Etsy Store next. With a new camera in hand, and a fabulous new studio, "watch out"!

Until then, look for me at Pennings Market in Warwick alternating with Gwen and Lynn throughout February on Sundays, where I will continue to carry the "extraordinary" handknit scarves by Vicki.

Also, join in and follow the Arty Tea Party happenings!


  1. Well, look at you! Go to it Nina! My girls and I love your soaps and balms. And I can't live without your incense! Thank you for being there!

  2. Hey Nina, Welcome to the world of blogging!! You did it!! I agree with Vicki...can't live without your incense! Its simply the best Ive ever used!

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