Saturday, October 20, 2012

the passionate perfumista review !

..a must read  !!!   thanks so much, heather. you have a mystical way with words!    thanks, also, to my many good friends  who have always been my inspiration.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

mystical heather...

 ......"the passionate perfumista" is also a member of the natural perfumers guild.     she will be reviewing my "woodland spell" incense .    it is the newest project for the guild called "home for the holidays".    this event highlights ambient scents for the home-- scents that create a surrounding, "themed" atmosphere, such as candles, tarts, sprays, incense,etc.   for this project , it is focused on holiday time.
 here are pictures of the 
"crow-shaped" cones..

along with some of 
the raw ingredients.

 it is so fun to experiment!!!

the packaging is a real "challenge"....
(i won't use a negative word!)
 here, i think it turned out well.  test tubes!  love them! (right, flavia fans???)

12 crows to a tube; a random variety of gems & cording; lashed, with a loop to hang.

next i will try to put this on my etsy site, & i'll try to link up with 
heather's review on her blog.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'TIS.....not so sweet

as you may know, i'm a member of the
natural perfumers guild--great group of people
working hard to rid the world of synthetic
scents. a serious force of professionals; educated & dedicated to
protecting the art & craft of perfumery.

WHERE do I  fit in....
you ask????

(don't be funny)

no, really---i do strongly believe in this.
wish i could do more to get involved.
i know some day i will.

(anya has a great course
that i hope to take.)

in the meantime,  (hope the other perfumers don't "cringe"), my good friend , vicki ---my alchemy accomplice--- and i , came up with a 'TIS perfume.  in other words--"'tis what it is!  we go out to my gardens  ---pick what's available ---& distill!!!!

'TIS a rainy day"  perfume---or 'TIS a thursday in october" perfume----etc. you get the idea.

well, this past summer we tried 'TIS sweet"!  beautiful flowers aren't they?
peony, rose, sweet william, hawthorn, honeysuckle.
should smell even better than our other great scents we made, right?

It was fun.  it sounded like a good idea...
but it was awful.
guess i have alot to learn.....and will
enjoy the process!!!!


summer was unbearably hot----good "bug" season, though (as in, lack of).
 not lacking in animals-- as the previous blog post showed.

luckily the fawn did have a mother, not so lucky was  that the raccoons did not.
managed to get them down to the pond where there are lots of frogs to eat. they did prefer eggs, bread & milk. found this out when i tried to "wean" them.

though i never handled or bonded with them, they came looking for me at the house---climbing & eating all the grapes that cover the porch.---there are plenty in the woods!

made alot of progress at the pond with the plantings, but also had
some failures. the hemlocks didn't make it. the deer, rabbits,
chipmunks took turns eating or just digging up the strawberries,
raspberries, elder,etc. etc.   took this picture before they were eaten, too!

the weather was perfect for this year's fair at grahamsville!
thanks to the arty tea party girls for helping me make a great display!

best booth at the fair


Friday, May 18, 2012


having always lived here, in burlingham, i've become the "keeper of things & thoughts" to my friends & family who've gone away.

alot has changed, but i've managed to salvage some memories for them, when they visit.  for example; the barn is gone, but i've kept the feed bins we used to hide in-(for you, peg!).  the houses are basically the same, ---i think they have the same warmth, but the grounds are much nicer thanks to all my husband's love & hard work.  ( there are no old coops ---no need for stitches, april!)

as kids, we had the run of the neighborhood. we could walk anywhere--whether our property or not!  we had "hide-outs", fishing spots, etc.   i can see, now, what little was  truly owned by any of our families. that's why i've decided to make a special "hide-out" from the last brush-y part of our land.  not big, but big enough for any of my "spirited" or "live-ly" kin to enjoy!

with the help of my son & the excavator, the brush was cleared,
 a pond was made;
& berms set to define the edges.

 i've planted alot of blueberry bushes--(remember?)
and there's raspberries & strawberries, too.---we were always eating, it seems. i hope to plant some other favorite trees, like hickory, apple (there's only 1 old tree left) & horse chestnut.

we're using woodchips in the main part. grass seed
is planted towards the house.

it will take a while, but it's coming along great.  i bet ma likes it--i know she's helping me.

helga-- i can hear your sister yelling for you to get home!

dor-thy--there will always be sunflowers.

can't wait for "tea" with the arty girls----we always make great memories at our parties!

stay tuned for part two of the    "for-get-me-not   forest"  !!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

ETSY Treasury...

Check out my Camp and Garden Soap in the 1846 House Soaps Into The Woods Treasury on ETSY... Thanks Lynn...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

winter's spell winners...

I have decided to share the "joy" of my crows with the wonderful  ladies of the "Arty Tea Party Guild".  Today, at our "Creative Art Play" workshop, the crows were lined up for all to share.
For more on the "Doodles Unleashed" workshop hosted by Kelli, and led by Vicki visit

Here in the Northeast, when February usually is ice covered and frosty...we have enjoyed 55 degree weather.  Quite strange...however, we beat the winter blues by staying in touch.

My soap studio has been quite busy, and the curing shelves are full, as well as the cabinet with the bars awaiting packaging.  Off to Rosendale this Sunday for the winter market.

Thanks for stopping by...Nina

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

winter's spell

though i am an associate member of the natural perfumer's guild, this post is not part of their wonderful "joy in january" event. *see link*  i'm sorry to see the stats on how many suffer from s.a.d. during the winter months. perhaps i can offer some suggestions, since the "gloom" doesn't bother me.---(now a prolonged summer heatwave---that's another story!!!! you don't want to know! ha ha!)
anyway, i've found that lavender essential oil is very helpful. it does seem to balance moods---relaxing when needed & uplifting during "down times".  if you're not a fan of lavender, try mixing with something you do love.
also, use the inactivity experienced during s.a.d., as an opportunity to "brainstorm"!  think, think, think.  that's using time wisely---plan out the coming week; month; year. get a pencil & paper. write down the happy things you want to do. make a chart. pencil in the practical things. even though you are not moving around, you are getting something accomplished!
hope my suggestions were helpful to someone. i do have a "giveaway" of my winter's spell incense. just leave a comment with your name, & i will choose the winner on jan 31st. if you are the winner you will have to email me your mailing address for your prize!
all my "spell" incense are made with just herbs---no igniters.  there is one for each season. i've formulated them with the qualities of that particular time of year. for example: the good feelings about winter--good will, warm food & drink, snuggling, freshness, etc. using holly, rum, mistletoe, bayberry.  hand shaped like little crows!