Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'TIS.....not so sweet

as you may know, i'm a member of the
natural perfumers guild--great group of people
working hard to rid the world of synthetic
scents. a serious force of professionals; educated & dedicated to
protecting the art & craft of perfumery.

WHERE do I  fit in....
you ask????

(don't be funny)

no, really---i do strongly believe in this.
wish i could do more to get involved.
i know some day i will.

(anya has a great course
that i hope to take.)

in the meantime,  (hope the other perfumers don't "cringe"), my good friend , vicki ---my alchemy accomplice--- and i , came up with a 'TIS perfume.  in other words--"'tis what it is!  we go out to my gardens  ---pick what's available ---& distill!!!!

'TIS a rainy day"  perfume---or 'TIS a thursday in october" perfume----etc. you get the idea.

well, this past summer we tried 'TIS sweet"!  beautiful flowers aren't they?
peony, rose, sweet william, hawthorn, honeysuckle.
should smell even better than our other great scents we made, right?

It was fun.  it sounded like a good idea...
but it was awful.
guess i have alot to learn.....and will
enjoy the process!!!!