Friday, January 20, 2017


Well the downed tree from last year, well seasoned, has been hauled off by some friends who will be toasty-cozy warm this winter using their wood stove.  We are both equally pleased with this transaction...I have more room to garden, and they have a nice woodpile!

And since old man winter can't decide if he wants to snow or rain, I am enjoying some Double Inspiration for 2017 with 2 tarot decks...The Druid Plant Oracle and Crow's Magick a gift from my friend Vicki who is always outofhand. The annual January shape-shifting of the soap room is almost complete, and with 3 of my incense crows burning, Blessed Be, Friendship and Prosperity, I am enjoying myself by my own fire...immensely!

The seed catalogs are in, and since I saw a flock of robins in the yard, I am hoping that Spring will be right on time this year...and no April Foolishness with a snowstorm, like last year!  But even though it is in the 40's right now, old man winter is lingering on...we still have a long way to go!

My name is Nina...thanks for stopping by.  Check out the post by Arty Tea Party for our featured artist of the month...Sandy "Rosebud" Scarano!