Saturday, October 20, 2012

the passionate perfumista review !

..a must read  !!!   thanks so much, heather. you have a mystical way with words!    thanks, also, to my many good friends  who have always been my inspiration.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

mystical heather...

 ......"the passionate perfumista" is also a member of the natural perfumers guild.     she will be reviewing my "woodland spell" incense .    it is the newest project for the guild called "home for the holidays".    this event highlights ambient scents for the home-- scents that create a surrounding, "themed" atmosphere, such as candles, tarts, sprays, incense,etc.   for this project , it is focused on holiday time.
 here are pictures of the 
"crow-shaped" cones..

along with some of 
the raw ingredients.

 it is so fun to experiment!!!

the packaging is a real "challenge"....
(i won't use a negative word!)
 here, i think it turned out well.  test tubes!  love them! (right, flavia fans???)

12 crows to a tube; a random variety of gems & cording; lashed, with a loop to hang.

next i will try to put this on my etsy site, & i'll try to link up with 
heather's review on her blog.