Wednesday, January 18, 2012

winter's spell

though i am an associate member of the natural perfumer's guild, this post is not part of their wonderful "joy in january" event. *see link*  i'm sorry to see the stats on how many suffer from s.a.d. during the winter months. perhaps i can offer some suggestions, since the "gloom" doesn't bother me.---(now a prolonged summer heatwave---that's another story!!!! you don't want to know! ha ha!)
anyway, i've found that lavender essential oil is very helpful. it does seem to balance moods---relaxing when needed & uplifting during "down times".  if you're not a fan of lavender, try mixing with something you do love.
also, use the inactivity experienced during s.a.d., as an opportunity to "brainstorm"!  think, think, think.  that's using time wisely---plan out the coming week; month; year. get a pencil & paper. write down the happy things you want to do. make a chart. pencil in the practical things. even though you are not moving around, you are getting something accomplished!
hope my suggestions were helpful to someone. i do have a "giveaway" of my winter's spell incense. just leave a comment with your name, & i will choose the winner on jan 31st. if you are the winner you will have to email me your mailing address for your prize!
all my "spell" incense are made with just herbs---no igniters.  there is one for each season. i've formulated them with the qualities of that particular time of year. for example: the good feelings about winter--good will, warm food & drink, snuggling, freshness, etc. using holly, rum, mistletoe, bayberry.  hand shaped like little crows!