Wednesday, September 19, 2012


summer was unbearably hot----good "bug" season, though (as in, lack of).
 not lacking in animals-- as the previous blog post showed.

luckily the fawn did have a mother, not so lucky was  that the raccoons did not.
managed to get them down to the pond where there are lots of frogs to eat. they did prefer eggs, bread & milk. found this out when i tried to "wean" them.

though i never handled or bonded with them, they came looking for me at the house---climbing & eating all the grapes that cover the porch.---there are plenty in the woods!

made alot of progress at the pond with the plantings, but also had
some failures. the hemlocks didn't make it. the deer, rabbits,
chipmunks took turns eating or just digging up the strawberries,
raspberries, elder,etc. etc.   took this picture before they were eaten, too!

the weather was perfect for this year's fair at grahamsville!
thanks to the arty tea party girls for helping me make a great display!

best booth at the fair


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  1. lookin' good! those coons are too funny! and the fair booth looks THE BEST!!!