Friday, May 18, 2012


having always lived here, in burlingham, i've become the "keeper of things & thoughts" to my friends & family who've gone away.

alot has changed, but i've managed to salvage some memories for them, when they visit.  for example; the barn is gone, but i've kept the feed bins we used to hide in-(for you, peg!).  the houses are basically the same, ---i think they have the same warmth, but the grounds are much nicer thanks to all my husband's love & hard work.  ( there are no old coops ---no need for stitches, april!)

as kids, we had the run of the neighborhood. we could walk anywhere--whether our property or not!  we had "hide-outs", fishing spots, etc.   i can see, now, what little was  truly owned by any of our families. that's why i've decided to make a special "hide-out" from the last brush-y part of our land.  not big, but big enough for any of my "spirited" or "live-ly" kin to enjoy!

with the help of my son & the excavator, the brush was cleared,
 a pond was made;
& berms set to define the edges.

 i've planted alot of blueberry bushes--(remember?)
and there's raspberries & strawberries, too.---we were always eating, it seems. i hope to plant some other favorite trees, like hickory, apple (there's only 1 old tree left) & horse chestnut.

we're using woodchips in the main part. grass seed
is planted towards the house.

it will take a while, but it's coming along great.  i bet ma likes it--i know she's helping me.

helga-- i can hear your sister yelling for you to get home!

dor-thy--there will always be sunflowers.

can't wait for "tea" with the arty girls----we always make great memories at our parties!

stay tuned for part two of the    "for-get-me-not   forest"  !!!


  1. What a wonderful spot to be the "keeper" and an inspirational place to create new memories. I look forward to the "forget me not forest"...

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