Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Meet Plum


  1. Oh my goodness...I love these!!! Your Plum is a real peach! And I see all things purple for her 1st Christmas. What fun and how lucky for her to have you!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and I see we do have purple in common. You're quite an artisan making soap and now perfume. Your glass apparatus reminds me of the still Hawkeye had on MASH. :-)
    Plum is a sweet looking dog, even a lavender coloured toy!

  3. Plum reminds me of my sweet Dorje who is nearly 14. She is sleeping at the end of the sofa with my husband's feet on top of her right now. And she is happy as a lark.

  4. awww what a sweetheart Plum is! just adorable. I love your sweet blog and really enjoyed your post "Keeper". you made me smile pretending to be talking to people :) (at least I thought you were lol)

    thank you for stopping by my blog too!

  5. Hi Nina, I am sorry to be so late, I'm still working my way through all the lovely visitors and new followers of my blog from the Grow Your Blog party.

    If I can find your email I will also email you but I just had my drawing for the mug sweater (a.k.a. coffee cup sleeve) and you are the winner. Please email me at elizabethstudio54[at]gmail[dot]com so we can discuss your choice of color as well as giving me your snail mail address.
    Congratulations and again, thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, I am your newest follower and I love your blog... will be back for more exploring soon:D
    Beth P

  6. He is a cutie! And what a cute name. Our dog is Godiva :) Thanks for linking up, and thanks for advertising on my site. That's sooo great of you. Hope it's bringing you lots of visitors to your etsy shop!

  7. Plum is just adorable! Love the name too. Glad to stop by, I'm going to explore your blog a bit more now.
    xo Beth

  8. Oh plum is just the cutest thing! Love the name!