Wednesday, February 19, 2014

under glass...

forced to work inside.....
except for shoveling snow.....


i continue "dusting & dumping".  throwing out as i go through the house.  also re-arranging work spaces to different parts of the house.  turned out well! 

to save time dusting in the future, especially the little"cubbies" that hold my jars of dried herbs in my retired post office letter case,  glass doors were put on. a little rough looking since they came off an old cabinet, but it works fine. of course, i draped lites in it , too.

here's some more "under glass"---

and it's all set up and ready for "happy hour"...cheers!


  1. Nina, this is wonderful! It's all so sparkly...including all that ice over the grape arbor. I spy the Rossbacher! If we aren't snowed under, I'll be by for Happy Hour! Aloha Friend! Stay warm and safe and dry!

  2. It all looks nice; love the sparkling pumpkin! LOL