Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Garden Wedding

It was the perfect day for a wedding at the lovely gardens of  

The grape covered gazebo was a wonderful spot for the altar, 
as the bride walked over rose petals and lavender buds.
Of course, rosemary for remembrance of this special day
 with white ribbon tied in knots and bayberry leaves for 
a simply lovely altar.
The iron heart shaped garden gate was stunning with 
hydrangeas, spearmint, rose of Sharon and shiny magnolia leaves.  All so sweet...
Just like the happy couple, George and Jo!

(the photos of the event are private...sorry)
But I can tell you that not only were the minister and his wife thrilled with the venue,
the Bride and Groom and witnesses were stunned at it's beauty and aroma!


  1. Oooo, how lovely! Can we have our tea party under here this weekend?

  2. There couldn't have been a more perfect "Garden" to have a wedding ceremony
    Not even the garden of eden. What a way for them to start their new life together. I wish them the happiness forever that they felt on that day.
    And of course the decor by Nina and Vicki was unbelieveably gorgeous.
    Job well done!!